R-Series (Single Room)

The Pro Control R Series is ideal for single room control, especially media rooms. 

Pro24.r Plus with Dock

Pro24.r Plus Remote and Charging Dock

The Pro24.r extends your reach without straining your budget. The 2.4” LCD touchscreen display and fully programmable hard buttons assure intuitive control. Advanced wizard-based software keeps programming efficient while offering advanced control and unmatched customization. When paired with Pro Control’s ProLink.r control processor, the Pro24.r delivers fast and reliable 433 MHz RF one-way communication. Now with charging dock included so it's easier than ever to always be charged up and ready to control.

ProLink.r Plus

ProLink.r Plus Processor with IR Emitters

The ProLink.r is a professional grade processor, able to store macros and commands to deliver complete command over the control environment. With 1-way 433 MHz RF communication, 4 IR routing ports, 2 voltage sense inputs, and 1-way LAN control for iPhone, iPad and virtual PC control, the ProLink.r overdelivers. Includes four IR emitters to add convenience for every installation.



ProPanel gives you the same intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remote controls do – only running on your iPhone or iPad instead
iPro.8 Face View


The iPro.8 also adds an extra layer of convenience as a companion remote for Pro Control users who rely mostly on the ProPanel app running on their iPhone or iPad.



ProPanel gives you the same intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remote controls do – only running on your iPhone or iPad instead.


Pro Control Accessories

Personalize the Pro Control experience for exceptional  ease-of-use and precision control over your environment.

ProControl Pro.zwi


This device allows Pro Control to access and control wireless Z-Wave devices.

ProControl Pro.zwt


The Pro.zwt is a Professional Network Management Tool for use with Z-Wave wireless networks.

Pro.ircb4 angle


This emitter connecting block provides infrared expansion when used with Pro Control processors.

ProControl Pro.rfz


Extend the wireless range between the ProLink.z and Pro24.z remotes.

ProControl ProRelay41


This control module provides four addressable relays for controlling everything from amplifiers to window coverings.

ProControl Pro.ire 11


Eight pack of Pro.ire.1 infrared emitters for the ProLink processors.



This is the charging dock for the Pro24.z and Pro24.r v2 which is used in conjunction with the charger to provide a simple and stylish remote charging solution. Charger sold separately.

ProControl Charger

Charging Cable

This is the standalone replacement charger which can be used for both the Pro24.z and the Pro24.r. Cradle sold separately.

ProControl Battery


This is the replacement rechargeable battery which is used in both the Pro24.z and the Pro24.r. Replacement Battery is available at your place of purchase.


Discontinued: Pro Control Z Series  

Pro24.z with Dock

Pro24.z Remote

The Pro24.z remote, in stealthy matte black, delivers maximum control of smart home systems. When used with the ProLink.z processor, this powerhouse remote offers infrared and Zigbee® communication for control and 2-way feedback from AV receivers, media streamers, lighting and more.

ProLink.z open

ProLink.z Processor

The ProLink.z processor delivers comprehensive control throughout the home, easily handling even the most complex electronic systems. Its formidable array of control options include six IR output ports, an integrated 2.4 GHz Zigbee® antenna, Ethernet port for control of virtually any device on the, two 2-way RS-232 ports for advanced bi-directional control and monitoring of devices via the Pro24.z and iPro.8 controllers, and two voltage-sensing inputs for improved management of connected devices.