Elevate the media room.

Pro Control cleans up your media room control experience, trading in that coffee table full of remotes, each doing one thing, for a personalized touchscreen remote that controls it all.

Your television, Apple TV, Roku, Blu-ray player, AVR, cable box and other components are easily managed through the Pro Control remote and mobile app.

Media Cabinet

Essential control, exceptionally easy.

The Pro24.r remote is the essence of style and simplicity. Its customizable LCD touchscreen and fully programmable hard buttons assure intuitive and personalized control of every media room component. And while it starts in the media room, it has the power to scale throughout the home. The result is an elevated media room control experience: smart, sleek and simple to use.

The Pro24.r Touchscreen Remote

  • Brilliant LCD touchscreen is easy to personalize.
  • Programmable soft keys give fast access to frequent actions.
  • Global buttons (volume up/down, channel up/down) give consistent performance across multiple media components.
  • Color-coded buttons enable easy DVR control.
  • Working hand-in-hand with the ProLink.r processor, the Pro24.r remote can be personalized to your control preferences to deliver an exceptional experience, and unlocking iPhone and iPad control for added convenience.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

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