ProControl Pro.ire 11


The Pro.ire.1 infrared emitter can be easily mounted directly over your components’ IR sensor window and plugged into any available ProLink processor IR port. Attachable to any infrared-compatible device, the Pro.ire.1 enables ProLink processor control for countless electronic components.

  • 3.5mm standard mono plug for attachment to a ProLink processor or Pro.ircb.4 IR port.
  • Includes self-adhesive tape for quick and easy attachment.
  • The housing is transmissive allowing IR to pass through
  • Ten foot cable for ample reach.
  • One Pro.ire.1 is required for each component you wish to control
  • Dimensions: Emitter 0.50″ x 0.32″ x 0.20″ (12.6mm x 8 mm x 5.1mm)
  • Cable Length 10′ (3.05 meters)

Package Contents

  • Eight Pro.ire.1 Infrared Emitters