Pro Control Z Series

Effortless whole home control.

The Pro Control Z Series delivers an exceptional smart home experience throughout the house. 

The Z Series enables bi-directional wireless (Zigbee® 2.4 GHz) control of connected devices in the home, plus IR control where appropriate. The Pro24.z remote pairs with the advanced ProLink.z Processor which delivers control signal via Ethernet, RS232 and IR. The system programs easily with the wizard-based Pro Control Studio software.

Pro24.z Remote

Pro24.z Remote in Matte Black

Experience the new standard in remote control technology. When used with a Pro Control processor, this powerhouse offers infrared and Zigbee® communication for control and feedback from AV receivers, media streamers, lighting and more. A dazzling touchscreen takes entertainment to new heights. Available in sophisticated matte finish.

Programmable 5-way joystickYes
RF frequencyBidirectional Zigbee
2.4 GHz
Compatible with Pro Control processorProLink.z
Recharging dockYes
USB recharging cableYes
USB programmingYes
Control via IRYes
Full color touchscreen displayTFT LCD
Battery typeLithium-Ion
Number of commands and macros allowedUnlimited*
Wizard-based programmingYes
Number of controlled devicesUnlimited*
Customizable graphics via programming softwareYes
Integrated tilt switch automatically turns on backlightYes
Screen size (inches)2.4
Screen resolution (pixels)240×320
Number of programmable hard buttons48
Dimensions H x W x D (inches)9.79 x 2.23 x .9
IR Frequency Range0-460KHz
FinishMatte Black

ProLink.z Processor

Pro Control’s ultimate processor delivers comprehensive control over your environment when partnered with the Pro24.z or iPro.8 remotes. Also compatible with our ProPanel App for iOS.

Designed to command even the most complex electronic systems, the ProLink.z boasts a formidable array of control options, fully customizable via Pro Control’s wizard-based software.


Supported remote controlPro24.z or iPro.8
Support for iPad¨, iPhone¨ with ProPanel appYes
Support for 2-way feedback from compatible deviceYes
Integrated RS232 ports2
Ethernet controlYes
Ethernet for programmingYes
Adjustable IR output strengthYes
Integrated IR routing ports6
Voltage sense inputs2
Integrated RF controlBidirectional Zigbee (2.4 GHz)
System commands and macro storageUnlimited*
Integrated antennaYes
USB programmingYes
Dimensions H x W x D (inches)4.1 x 9.49 x 1.28
IR Frequency Range0-460KHz

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