Pro Control Debuts the New iPro.8 Companion Controller

PCs, Tablets and smart phones are often the controllers of choice for home electronics systems. Yet they are subject to inherent shortcomings, including an absence of hard buttons for tactile control, connectivity problems, and inconveniences related to the number and nature of gestures necessary for simple commands.

Enter the new iPro8 companion remote from Pro Control.  It was designed expressly to enable end users to enjoy the convenience of a dedicated remote when combined with a tablet, smart phone or PC. This unique, patent-pending solution works as an extension of the ProPanel App running on a smart phone, tablet or PC.  Among the benefits it provides are hard buttons for familiar tactile control, along with ready access to basic functions such as channel changing and volume adjustment.  Through the use of reliable RF technology for instantaneous communication, it also overcomes network-connectivity issues that plague tablets, smart phones and PCs when operated independently.  Proper functioning of the iPro8 simply requires any Pro Control processor with an activated ProPanel App.

Learn more about the iPro.8 here.