New PCS Software Now Available 3/16

Just released V1.0.10 includes new firmware for the Pro24.r(1.2) as well as New Drivers for Leviton ViziaRF, Integra and Squeezebox.
Click HERE to download.
Version 1.0.10

This update includes the following changes:

Added “Leviton ViziaRF” and “Radio Thermostat” drivers. Updated Integra, Squeezebox and Pioneer drivers.

Updated Firmware for Pro24.r. (Increases the maximum button text length to 127, prevents the remote from going to sleep while running a macro, added more instructions for the screen calibration).

Fixed an issue where some macro steps could not be moved when the scrollbar is visible.

The memory usage for the Pro24.r was displaying as 0 if the memory usage was over the 2MB limit.

The infrared library was updated.

Removed the option to “ignore first press”.

Macro flag names weren’t displayed correctly in the processor events tab.