Step up to Whole Home Control

The Pro Control Z Series brings robust and convenient 2-way control to your entire home.

The Pro Control Z Series goes beyond the media room, managing all your home technology through an elegant remote, your iPhone® or iPad®.

Pro Control Whole Home

One remote for everything.

The Pro24.z remote is your gateway to whole home simplicity. Its customizable LCD touchscreen and fully programmable 5-way joystick deliver personalized control of every connected device in the home, while its robust 2-way Zigbee wireless communication delivers incredible responsiveness.

Pro24.z Remote in Matte Black

The Pro24.z Touchscreen Remote

  • 2-way Feedback for exceptional control.
  • Brilliant LCD touchscreen is easy to personalize.
  • Programmable soft keys give fast access to frequent actions.
  • Global buttons (volume up/down, channel up/down) give consistent performance across multiple media components.
    Programmable 5-way joystick for fast scrolling and control.
  • Color-coded buttons enable easy DVR control.
  • The Pro24.z remote can be personalized to your control preferences. It works hand-in-hand with the ProLink.z processor to deliver an exceptional experience.
  • In sophisticated matte finish.
Pro24.z with text

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