Z-Wave Switch Models Available for Installation and Load Requirements Include:

Lighting Loads:

  • For LED/Compact Fluorescent (CFL)/Incandescent/Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV)/Electronic Low Voltage (ELV)/Halogen/Fluorescent
  • For Incandescent
  • 8A and 15A

Wiring and Multi-location Requirements:

  • Master switch with neutral
  • Accessory switch with neutral
  • Master switch – no neutral
  • Accessory switch – no neutral, no RF

Colors and Wallplates:

  • Switches and dimmers are available in white, light almond and black.
  • Wallplates are not included.
  • Switches and dimmers compatible with standard Decora® style wallplates.

General Features Include:

  • Compatible with Pro Control accessory switch for 3-way control. Wireless models eliminate the need for traditional 3-way wiring (up to 5 locations)
  • Electro-mechanical push button for ON/OFF operation
  • Blue LED illuminates to indicate ON/OFF status
  • RFI filtering for radio, audio, and video equipment
  • Patented indicator system alerts if switch is not set up in the network
  • Can be associated with up to 5 other devices
  • Programmable delayed OFF mode (up to 4 minutes), default is 10 seconds
  • Child lockout feature
  • All ON/All OFF capability
  • Panic mode capability
  • Configurable “Power ON Status” (ON/OFF/last level)

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